Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday!!


Ahhh, Weigh-In Day, here you are again.  

It goes by so fast...the time, I mean.  The weight doesn't.  The weight comes on so fast, but it takes FOREVER to get it off again.

This week has had its ups and its downs.  Still not perfect by a long shot.  There was no exercise this past week.  Unless you count the swimming this past weekend.  There was no walking, no running, no going in to the gym after school to do some sprint work.  Nada.  

My excuse - because that's what it really is - was the weather.  I was so darned hot every day, I did NOT feel like making myself get even hotter and more uncomfortable.  Lame, I know.. but that's what it came down to.

I was weak in making myself work-out... but I was strong in sticking with my eating.  I did MUCH better this past week with my food intake.  The pot luck day was my only real day to eat stuff I probably could have done without.  I haven't logged much this week, but I've been keeping track of the calories I'm eating.  My breakfasts are always the same, my lunches are always pretty similar, and my dinners have been much smaller portions that what I'm used to eating.  I'm using the hand measurements of palm for protein, fist for carbs, and hand for veggies.  I know that's not an exact science, but I'm apparently doing something right.

Which brings me to the numbers.

My starting weight:  265lbs.

Weight last week:  254.8lbs.

Weight this week:  253.2lbs.

That's a loss of 1.6lbs in a week, and 11.8lbs since I started almost 2 months ago.  Even though I was pretty close to the 265lbs number when I went to my doctor's office only three weeks ago.  So, technically, I've lost almost 12lbs in a few weeks...not months.

In fact, I know that I've lost almost 10lbs since that doctor's appointment...because at the doctor's appointment I weighed 262lbs.  So, I'm shy 1.2lbs of losing 10lbs in three weeks.

Not too shabby.

A 1.6lbs weight loss is definitely nothing to complain about when there was no exercise involved, and I went two days without taking my pill.  Three, actually, because I totally forgot to take it yesterday.  I was worried that might happen... because I've decided to start taking my pill around 10AM.  That's right in the middle of my teaching, and unless I set some kind of reminder for myself, I go right past that time without even thinking about it.

Now, I'm just itching to see a number in the 240s.  That sure would be nice.  That would be a comparable weight to when I first started working last year.  I know I should really start feeling some differences in the way my clothes fit once I get down in the 240s range.  

For losing almost 12lbs, there hasn't been as much of the feeling different as I thought there would be. I figured that 12lbs would be a nice start to my pants feeling looser and fitting better.  The truth is, that's not really the case.  There are a couple pairs of pants I've put on and thought they felt a little looser, and then there are others that are still just as tight and uncomfortable when I put them on.

Yesterday, I put on a pair of capris that I wore only last week, and they felt looser.  The shirt I paired with them made me look at myself and see a little difference in my waist line.  But just one day before that, I had to shimmy myself in to a pair of leggings that I wear under a dress.  The dress still clung to me a little too much for my liking, and the leggings were still on the uncomfortable side.  Not to the point of cutting off circulation or anything.. but a little tighter than I like.  

I've decided that once I reach 20lbs lost, I'll do another progress photo.  I, at first, considered doing one every 10lbs lost, but I'd like to really be able to see some difference in each photo.  And I don't think I'll get that pleasure taking a picture right now.

So, I need to get down to 245lbs before there will be anymore photos.

Three weeks ago, getting down to 245lbs was a WAY off obstacle.  Something I would really have to be patient for.  It's crazy knowing that 245lbs is only 8lbs away.  I've lost more than that these past 3 weeks, so there's no reason I couldn't be seeing that number in another month or so.  At the latest.

Next Wednesday will be my last weigh-in before it's time to go back to my doctor for an evaluation of my progress.  Even if I maintained my loss so far, I can't see why my doctor would grumble about an almost 9lbs weight loss since my last visit.  Although, I'd really like to see that number above the 10lbs lost mark.  Especially since the appointment is at 4PM...meaning I would have eaten two meals and drank a gallon or so of water before I have to step on the scale.  I'd like to be able to go to that appointment and know that regardless of how much weight the scale shows from that day's consumption, I'm still going to show off a more than 10lbs loss.

Which means I really have to put in some extra work this week if I want that to happen.  Even a couple of work-outs would be better than none.  And there's absolutely no room for a few minor slip ups here and there with my eating.  NONE.  Perfect eating every day.  

I know I can do it, I'm challenging myself to do so.  That doctor's appointment will be my motivation.  

So, here we go...another week, another set of goals, another focus shift to a smaller number.

Being a loser has never felt so good!

Till next time!

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  1. Congrats!!! For me, weight loss and maintenance is 80% or more reliant on me having a good diet. I benefit from exercise, of course, but I see changes based solely on if I have a good or bad diet!

    1. That's so true!! I know that as long as I'm really being strict with my eating, I'll see results. The exercise is an added bonus to whatever results I see - and help trim up some of the skin that will start to sag once the fat starts to disappear.

      Honestly, one of my biggest fears when it comes to exercise is that it make me hungry. I'm always worried that if I exercise, I'll end up eating...too much or not the right stuff. I figure if I get my head REALLY in the game with my eating, the exercise can be transitioned in without having to worry about that anymore.


  2. Whoop whoop! Congrats lady! I knew you'd do great.

    1. Thanks, friend!! I really feel like I'm in it to win it this time. And that's a great feeling to have. :)


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