Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Month, New Weight...Kinda...Not Really

So, here it is...the first day of August.

On July 3rd, I kicked the scale to the curb.  Because it was being mean and hateful to me.  It told me that I was up to 265lbs!!  At the time, I thought I was doing better and should NOT have seen that on the scale.

So, I told myself that I would restart my numbers from there and wait a month before weighing in again.  Then, that changed a little because I started talking to Sally, and it was only a couple of weeks ago that I really started to put in to practice what she'd told me.

Well, I'm happy (and not so happy) to report that in the past month, I've lost 5lbs.  Technically that's within the last couple of weeks because I did weigh myself around the middle of July and I was still at the 265 point.

Yep, I'm back down to 260lbs.  Which is actually the number I started at when I first restarted the blog.  But, it wasn't a great start, and I continued to gain there for a while.

It sucks to know that after almost two months, I'm just back to where I started.  BUT, I do like the fact that I've lost those 5lbs in the past couple of weeks after really hankering down on the eating and exercise.  So, it must be doing something.  And if the trend continues from here on out, I'll be one happy camper.

I honestly don't want to lose tons of weight quickly.  I'm OK with slow and long as there is some movement in the right direction.  As long as the scale continues to go any rate... I'll be satisfied.  It may take me two years to lose the 100lbs I want to lose, but I know it will be a lot easier to keep it off if I've spent two years accustoming myself to my new lifestyle than if I did it all in 6 months.

I'm not going to weigh again until September 1st.  Officially.  

I'm hoping that I won't get all messed up with going back to work.  But, if this week is any indication on how that will go, I'm ready and prepared.  Being back at work this week has really been great on my eating.  I'm keeping myself busy, which is keeping my mind off of food.  I'm also just drinking water while I'm there, so that's helping me get more water each day.

For the first time in a long time, I feel very confident in myself.  I needed this loss, regardless of if it's just putting me back to my starting point from before.  It shows that I'm doing what I need to do.  It's showing me that Sally is giving me great advice, and that as long as I continue to listen to her - I'll be OK.  

Right now, I have to get off of here because I'm spending the day with my mom.

Have a great Thursday, everyone!

Till next time!

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  1. Way to go Joanna! With all your new information and the exercise of moving the classroom around, I know you will have a great August.


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