Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Day Before Weigh-In Jitters

I have returned back to the land of the living after being without internet for 24 hours.  Hopefully you all read the post I uploaded only 10 hours ago, giving the update for my Sunday... which was another very successful day of not taking my pill, but doing exactly what I was supposed to do in terms of eating.  And then some.

And now, I'm only 24 hours away from that time of the week that gets me in to a little panic.  Weigh-In Day.  

I'm always a bundle of nerves the day before an "official" weigh-in, because I never know exactly what the scale is going to show me in terms of how well I think I did.  I've spent the past week feeling like I've rocked the house, once again, with another full week of successful eating and staying on plan with my calorie intake.  

I'll admit, I've slacked off just a tad on the religious logging.  That never seems to last very long.  But, on the days that I haven't logged everything, I do a little mental math just to make sure I'm staying in my caloric range.  The best part about only eating three times a day, is that it's pretty easy to keep track of my calories in my head.  I'm not sneaking little snacks here or there, or forgetting about eating something.  My meals are so simple, and pretty repetitive, that I can basically keep track from the days that I do track.  

The only real changes I made to my meals yesterday, was the inclusion of veggies and a fruit.  I took a cup of baby carrots and sliced cucumber with hummus in place of crackers.  And I took a peach to satisfy that sweet craving I always get after eating my lunch.  I was taking PB&J sandwiches last week, so that helped keep the sweet monster at bay... but I didn't like how much sugar I was consuming with the jelly, so I figured a fruit would be much healthier this week.  My sandwich was ham, cheese, and mustard.  Less calories than the PB&J - and actually more filling.

I plan on doing that each day - taking veggies and fruit that is.  Even though I only ate a sandwich prior, I couldn't finish my veggies.  I ate all of the cucumber, and several of the carrots.. but then I just had enough.  I ate the peach shortly there after, and I was full.  

For dinner, Hubby served me up three pieces of ham... we were having ham, beans, and corn on the cob.  I quickly grabbed my fork, speared off two pieces of ham and put them on the kids' plates, and left myself with one piece of ham, beans, and only a small piece of corn.  There was another piece waiting for me if I wanted it, but I didn't.  I knew right away that I wasn't going to be able to eat as much as he gave me, and I knew that I shouldn't be eating that much meat anyhow.  Another win to add to my record book.  Me taking food off my plate because I know it's too much?  Don't recall that ever happening before.

And despite taking my dinner plate down quite a bit, I still felt full once I was done.  I couldn't have eaten anymore even if I wanted to.  

AND... there were absolutely NO cravings last night.  NONE!  I took my pill right before lunch yesterday, and apparently my two day hiatus paid off.  Because I did not get any form of urge to eat a snack last night.  Last week, I was fighting myself each night to resist.  I was successful with my fight, but it was so nice to not have to do any inner fighting last night.  I was in bed before I'd realized I'd successfully gone an entire evening without feeling the need to eat something else.  

Today, I really need to focus on drinking more water.  I didn't get near enough water in me yesterday, and I paid the price by extreme dry mouth by the end of the day.  That's the only side effect I've had from taking my pill, but drinking gallons of water helps keep that monster at bay.  I have to make a point of refilling my water cup between every bathroom break, at lunch, and before picking my students up from specials, so I know I'm getting the water I need.

Other than that, I'm ready for tomorrow.  Yeah, I'm a little nervous.  But not because I'm worried about what the scale will say... just because I'm worried I might not be as happy with the results compared to how much hard work I've done.  That's always a worry.  I have also come to terms, though, that as long as I keep doing what I need to do - the scale will eventually catch up.  

And I think I'm doing exactly what I need to be doing.  I haven't felt this sure about myself in a long time.  Habits are starting to be formed, I can feel it...and that sure is a weight off my shoulders.

Till next time!

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