Saturday, August 17, 2013

Time to Kick Start My Exercise Plan

Today marks one week since I started taking my weight loss medicine.  For an entire week, I've logged my food, counted calories, and stayed on track with my food intake.

That's HUGE.

Because I know that it's been a very long time since I've gone an entire week eating 1200-1300 calories a day.  A Very Long Time.

And during that time, I've eaten hamburgers.  And pizza.  And fries.  Yet, still somehow managed to not destroy my eating for the day.  Of course, there's a lot of work to be done.  Just eating the right number of calories won't get me very far in training my mind.  I also have to choose the right foods for those calories.  However, opting to eat a jr. burger and fries with water to drink versus a super-sized version of both with a large Dr. Pepper is progress.  Eating two pieces of veggie pizza versus the five pieces of meat loaded pizza I would normally consume is progress.  Progress, but still not good enough.  I want to be tracking my food to where hamburgers, fries, and pizza make an appearance once in a blue moon... not all together in the same week.

This next week, I'm really going to focus on matching my dinner options to the healthiness that my breakfast and lunches have had.  I've been vigilant in eating my Greek yogurt for breakfast every morning, and having a sandwich for lunch.  I have snacked two days.. using cucumber and hummus one day and whole wheat crackers the other.  I have had a snack with me every day, but only two days have I actually eaten them... and those would be days that I put in 12 hours at work and needed something in the afternoon to curb my hunger.

I have another plan to add this week:  Getting my exercise started.

This past week, I really haven't had the time to think about exercise.  And that is NOT an excuse.  I have worked 10-12 hours every single day this past week, and spent that time moving furniture, climbing up and down off of chairs, walking up and down hallways, and being on my feet all day long.  I come home EXHAUSTED and sore and achey.  Even though I haven't dedicated time to actual exercise, my body has gone through quite a work-out this week.

After being off work for two months, it takes a little while to get used to such long work days.  I've only had kids in my classroom for the past two days, but that means for the past two days, I've been on my feet from 7AM until 3:30PM... sitting down for 20 minutes at lunch.  By the end of the day, my legs are screaming at me and my back feels like it's been punched repeatedly.  

Regardless of how long it's going to take me to get used to those aches and pains, I committed to myself that I would allow myself one week for the transition.  And then it would be Game On for starting my exercising.

By exercising, I mean walking for 45 mins to an hour at least 5 days a week.  

Peanut and Butter start their sport practices on Monday.  That means I will be at school until 6PM each and every night while they are at practice.  That's the perfect time for me to go down to the school gym and walk around it.  Jelly will be with me, but I figure if I give her a basketball, she can shoot some hoops while I'm getting my sweat on.  I've already cleared it with my principal, and she's agreed to allow the gym to stay open in the evenings so that I, and anyone else, can use it for walking.

I can just pop my headphones in my ear, and walk around and around the outside of the basketball court.  

My hopes is that I'll do that for a couple of weeks, and will be able to promote up to jogging a few laps... maybe throw in some sprint work.  Regardless of how tired I am at the end of the day, I know that if I make myself do the exercise I'll go home feeling much better...and less achey.  It will work out the kinks from standing all day...and also clear my mind ready for the next day.

On the weekends, I'll play it by my feelings.

Take right now, for example.  It's 8AM and only 57 degrees outside.  Pretty freakin' unheard of for the middle of August.  When I came outside with my cup of coffee to do my normal routine of sitting on the porch and enjoying some quiet time - I realized how perfect it would be to go for a walk.  Except, Hubby beat me to the punch.  He planned a motorcycle excursion with a they've gone off to enjoy this weather from the back of a motorcycle.  Which means, I have to stay with the kids.  Peanut would usually do that, but she's spending the weekend with a friend.  

It's OK... that just means it's my turn tomorrow morning.  The weather is supposed to be pretty similar to this morning, so I'll just get up and get out to enjoy the cool weather and a brisk walk then.

That doesn't mean that I'll be sitting on my rear all day.  Being back to work this week has taken a toll on my house.  It's in desperate need of a good cleaning.  Floors need to be swept and mopped.  Bathrooms need to be scrubbed.  Bedding needs to be washed, and beds need to be remade.  Kitchen counters and floors need to be scrubbed.  All sweat inducing activities.

Not near as fun as speed walking to my favorite music, but it'll get the job done.  Besides, it will help me be even more excited about my time tomorrow morning.  After spending a day sweating in dirt, I will be able to sweat tomorrow morning in the sun...and fresh, cool breeze.

On Wednesday, the scale was very kind to me.  It showed a pretty significant drop in a short amount of time.  But, I know as well as the next person that the scale can do drastic things in a very short amount of time.  I'd like to think that this next Wednesday, I'll see another great number.  But, that won't happen unless I keep up the work on my end.  

The pill is not magic.  It only plays a very small role in any progress I want to make.  I have to do the right eating and moving my body to really see the results.

So, I'm scoring week one a 6/10.  I kept my calories in check.  That's about it.  The foods that got me those calories, however, need a lot of improvement.  My exercise needs a LOT of improvement.  

I also managed to keep my word on only drinking one cup of coffee each day.  And drinking tons of water (and only water) for the rest of the time.  I've decided that on weekends, I'll allow myself two cups of coffee each morning, if I feel like it.  But no more than that.  If I can get through this extremely exhausting week with only one cup of coffee each morning, I can get through my stress-free weekends with two.  Even though I don't really need two.  It's kinda like my treat.  Because, honestly, I love my coffee.  I'm shocked that I have had no troubles whatsoever cutting my caffeine down so much.  The norm for me is usually 3-4 cups of coffee before work each morning, and then another cup or two once I get to work.  And on extremely tiring days (like the first week of school), I would normally end up buying a diet Dr. Pepper in the afternoon.  For an entire week, I've had only one small cup of coffee and nothing else but water and haven't suffered from any headaches or fatigue.  I've been running on pure adrenaline all day long.

This first week has given me a lot to work on, but it's also given me a lot to be proud of.  I'm not going to completely reverse 15 years of unhealthy living my first week.  I know this.  Small steps is going to get me there.  Small successes will have major impact.  I don't feel overwhelmed or worried about sticking the course.  If anything, it's the complete opposite.  These small victories have helped motivate me to add a few more.  

Slow and steady wins the race.

I know this.  And doing that is fine by me.

OK, house work is calling...

Till next time!

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