Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Work Is Helping My Eating and Exercise Routine

Just a quick post today.  Have a lot of stuff going on, and I need to leave in about 15 minutes to get it all started.

So, Monday, I went back to work.  For a couple of hours.  Got in to my classroom and spent three hours sorting through all of my books and getting them set back up in the library.

Doesn't sound like much, but lifting that many boxes of books did something... cause I was hurting by the time I got home.  In my legs.  Which is good... I lifted with my legs and not my back.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day in my classroom.  I moved all of the furniture to where it needed to be. I started unpacking EVERYTHING... even stuff that didn't need to be unpacked, but I don't want clutter taking over my room.

I decided on a brand new start.  Out with the old.  If I didn't use it last year, it was gone... or at least it's going to be put in a place where I'd definitely use it this year.

This morning, I'm taking Jelly for her wellness check up and then heading straight back in to my classroom to start wading through the mess I've created for myself by unpacking everything.  I didn't start on putting anything away... I just emptied.  And made piles of stuff all over my room.

I'm only a couple days in on going back to work, but I feel pretty good about the effect it's having on my eating.  No more eating because I'm bored.  In fact, I have to remind myself to stop and eat... because I get so caught up in what's going on that I forget I haven't eaten anything all day.

That's no good... but I'd much rather be eating much less than overeating.

I'm also sweating my behind off while I'm working.  The lifting furniture and boxes helps... but also the fact that I don't have working AC in my classroom right now makes it easier to sweat when I'm not putting in too much effort.  

This time last year, I had the best AC in the building.  Now, I'm not so lucky.  Everyone else has AC and I don't.  

Oh well, it's helping me sweat... so I can't complain about that.

Welp. That's about it.  Told you it would be a quick one.  

I'm so excited about getting back in to the swing of things.. even though it means my time of waking up when I want and doing whatever I want all day is over.  But, if it normalizes my routine and helps me avoid mindless eating, and gives me more exercise... I have to be happy.

Till next time!!

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