Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Not a Weigh In Wednesday

So, normally, this would be the day that I share what the scale said to me first thing  this morning... and compare that number to the number that it told me the week before.  

But that's not what's going to happen today...because I'm having a fight with my scale.  An I'm not talking to you and never want to see you again kinda fight, and it's really lucky it hasn't been thrown through a window.

I stood on the scale this morning, thinking that I'd give it a chance to make up for the nasty stuff it told me the other day.  But, apparently, it's still on a rampage to royally tick me off...telling me I've gained all of my weight back and then some.  A lot some.

I decided the best thing to do would be to flip it the bird, and shove it back in to it's hiding spot...and we'd take a break from each other for a couple of weeks... give it a chance to cool down and start being a little nicer.

The truth is, normally I'd take what the scale says and just accept it.  Oh, I gained 4lbs in a week?  Wow, that sucks... time to do something major about that.  But, not this time.  Gaining 4lbs in a week when I've spent every single day doing some kind of physical activity, watching my food intake, limiting sweets and crap food, and drinking way more water than I've drank in a very long time just doesn't make sense to me.  

How is it possible when I've practically maintained weight for the past couple of months by doing hardly any physical activity and eating food by the ton but gain 4lbs changing all of that?  

Since about March, I've been hovering around the 260lbs mark.  It's fluctuated by a couple of pounds one way or the other... but nothing that has stayed.  And then I put in the effort to start this weight loss thing again and gain 4lbs in a week.  

The only thing I can chalk it up to is water retention.  I've noticed that after my walks or yard work or exercise of the day, my ankles and fingers are pretty swollen.  Despite drinking a lot more water than I'm used to, I'm still not probably drinking quite enough.  But that's an even bigger reason to break up with the scale for a few weeks just to see how it goes.

Yesterday, I spent an entire hour whacking away at some very large bushes in my front yard trying to tame them back.  Using sheers for an hour probably doesn't sound like much... but my arms were screaming at me when I took my first break and sweat was pouring from me.  And it wasn't from the heat.  I took a short break, and then went back at it for another half hour or so.  I was totally loving every minute of it.  I had my earphones in and was singing my little heart out while working away.  

Before that, I'd spent about 20 minutes weed eating.  I would have done that WAY longer had the weed eater not been acting like a pain in the rear and kept dying on me.  I finally had to give that up because I was getting too frustrated to keep messing with it.  

Today, I will have plenty of movement.  I've got a house to clean for all the company coming over tomorrow, and I still have some yard work to do.  Of course, I have to go shopping first... nothing like waiting until the day before a holiday to do the grocery shopping.  Let's just hope they still have everything I need at the store.

Alright, time for me to go...

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman


  1. It is probably water retention. Happens to be on my best of weeks when I run several times, etc... It's super hot out and the activity does not help. It's so twisted and evil, isn't it?

    1. Yes, yes it is!! I don't know how many times I've told myself to just stay away from the scale for a while - but it never happens. Now, I think I'm really going to follow through because I'm not about to let that damn thing bring down my mood. :)


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