Friday, July 26, 2013

In Case You Noticed...

If you've paid some attention, you'll notice that there is now a "2lbs Lost" on my Fitness Pal badge.  I updated this morning, even though I swore that I was going to hold off until August 1st to do my weigh-in.

And, I will admit, I changed the starting weight a little over a week ago... before I started doing Sally's suggestions... because I noticed I had gained a few pounds since I last reported my weight.

So, technically, I haven't really lost any weight from when I first started in June... but I have lost weight since I started really focusing on my food and following my new plan.

I plan on weighing in again on August 1st, just to see if there's any change...and to do my "official" one month weight loss.  The plan is to then weigh in on the first of the month from there on out.  

Can I stay off the scale for an entire month?  No.  But, I will only be using my weigh-ins from the first of each month to log my progress.

I've done a really good job of staying off the scale, actually.  When I vowed to stay off the scale a few weeks ago, I didn't get back on it until I started my new plan.  I was upset when I saw how much I'd gained since being off the scale - but it wasn't like I was really gung-ho on doing much with my eating before that.

It's nice to see that even though I haven't been very active since focusing on my food, the pounds are slowly coming off.

I haven't gone swimming in a couple of days, and because of the heat I haven't done much walking.  Today, it's pouring down rain...and plans on staying that way all day.  It would be the perfect opportunity for a refreshing walk (rain doesn't bother me), but I have friends coming over to spend the day with me.

Thankfully, I've chosen healthy snacks to feed to my friends.  Not sure they'll be thrilled, but the crackers I've picked out are super, I don't see why there should be any problems.

That's all I'm going to share today... being that I have to get in my social state of mind.

Have a great Friday!

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman

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  1. Uh, yeah I noticed. Good job!! I know the number will be rising soon.

    I might start recording weight every other week rather than weekly. Haven't made the decision yet, just something I am thinking about. I don't weight daily anymore, but still do a few times a week. Once I get in a routine and am more consistent with my eating, I will weight less.

    Best wishes for the new plan. I know you are going to do great!


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