Monday, July 15, 2013

Late Night Craving.... For Walking

If you read my other blog, then you should have already read about my weekend.  My house has been full of teenagers.  And it's been...urm...well...a little stressful to say the least.

They are all well behaved kids.  And they haven't actually caused any problems or driven me stir crazy - but there's just a lot of people in my house right now, which I'm not actually used to.

So, last night, my brother and I were in need of some quiet time.  He, like Hubby, isn't really fond of being around lots of people.  It was after 8pm, so his suggestion was to go and get half priced shakes from Sonic.

We thought about it for a while, but then I thought about how that's not really what I wanted to do to ease my stress.  

My brother is currently trying to talk me in to horseback riding with him in a few weeks.  My brother LOVES horses, and I do too... but because of my weight, I don't feel comfortable riding them.  He's trying to motivate me to lose some weight so that I'll go riding with him.  Not that I need much more motivation, but it's something to add on to my reward list I suppose.

So, we're sitting there throwing around some ideas for something to do...and he suggests a late night walk.  It was already getting dark by then, but thankfully I now live on a street with sidewalks and street lights.  I didn't hesitate, and put on my walking gear and we hit the streets.

We walked and talked and walked some more.  We were gone for over an hour and a half just walking the streets.  The air was nice and breezy, not too hot or humid.  There was some lightning off in the distance that gave us a light show to focus on.  It was nice.  Really nice.

My brother shared his thoughts about buying horses and getting me on one.  While I'm very apprehensive, I have to admit it would be a lifelong dream to learn how to ride and to do it regularly.  My brother already owns a horse, and has his eye on another.  He has a horse trainer that comes to his house to work on his horse, and she's willing to let me ride one of her horses.  And then, my brother wants us both to go on a long trail ride... with the aid of a coach and supplied horses and equipment.  

There is a weight limit to do it, however, and I'm teetering right around the weight limit.  That makes me sad, but it's a good goal to work towards.  Getting to be light enough to go trail riding.  Not something I'd ever thought about before.  I've always thought about new clothes and being comfortable wearing certain clothing in public places... but never thought about rewarding myself with something that has a weight limit that I have to get below.  Like riding horses.  

The evening walk was something I really enjoyed.  I've struggled getting out of bed at a decent enough time to get in a good walk before it gets too hot.  I hadn't even thought about just going at night.. when I don't have to worry about it.  Of course, even as safe as my town is, I probably wouldn't go after dark by myself.. but there's no reason I couldn't go around 7pm...almost two hours before it gets dark.  

We walked past the park last night, and I noticed that there was a lot going on over there... even at that time of night.  There were people playing volleyball and soccer.  People at the basketball goals.  Lots of team sports being played.  Which gave me another thought.  If I was to mosey on through the park in the evening on one of my walks... I could see what the chances are of me joining in a game of something.  They weren't kids that were playing these sports, they were adults.  It might be the perfect opportunity to meet some people from the town and get my fix for competitive sports that I crave so much.

It's amazing how much you can get from one evening stroll, isn't it?

The chances of horseback riding.

The chances of joining in some competitive sports.

The chances of getting some much needed exercise while enjoying the experience at the same time.

Lots to think about. 

Right now, though, I have a house that is in dire need of some TLC.  So to that I must go.

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman


  1. It's great that you and your brother opted for a walk rather than shakes. Yes, if you're brave enough take another walk around the park some evening and see if there is a sport you might be able to jump into. That would be some fun exercise. Good luck.

    1. Thanks! Fingers crossed I can keep it up. :)

  2. Sounds like you're starting to "think outside the box!"

    1. Trying to. The problem is and probably always will be my eating, though. The exercise part I enjoy and get in to the rhythm of... it's the processing and planning before I eat where I get a little stuck.

      I just need to find a happy balance. I know how to do it.. it's just putting it in to practice and sticking with it. Has always been my problem, and the one I need to battle head on if I ever actually want all the weight to come off.

  3. A house full of teens....eek! I only have one of those and an 11 year old. :)

    1. Thankfully, all I have left now is 2 teenagers. My other two kids are away...and the house is SOOO much quieter. They just hang out in my daughter's room watching movies or listening to movies. Now that I can deal with!


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