Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Truthful Tuesday... Let the Confession Fly

It's time for my weekly installment of True Confessions Tuesday.  The post where I share the good, bad, and ugly that's happened over the past week...that I haven't managed to blog about.

So here goes...

To be honest... I am absolutely LOVING the cooler weather we've been having.  It's made me want to be outdoors doing something... anything active.  And not so active.  I spent the entire day fishing yesterday, but when I got home I was antsy to do something to get me moving a bit.  So, I opted for some swimming... even though it was freezing.

To be honest... Instead of my morning walk, this morning, I'm going to tackle the yard work that needs to be done.  OK, not all of it.  My brother is going to do all of the mowing and I'm going to do all of the weed eating.  I had my choice, but I'd much rather do the manual work than sit on a riding lawnmower and drive around.  That's something I've probably never admitted before.  Me, doing the hard part instead of choosing the easy way out.  HA!

To be honest... No matter what, I have to go for my morning walk tomorrow and Thursday morning.  And not because I'm desperate to get in the exercise... but so I can psyche myself up for the army that is my family that will be coming over Thursday afternoon.  While I'm all about entertaining in our new home, the thought of my parents coming over with 7 children is a little intimidating.  That's a lot of children we'll have here.  But, I know that my morning walks will prepare me for it all.

To be honest... I'm liking my 1-2-3 temptation plan that I'm trying, to the probable dismay it will probably cause some of my readers.  Saturday night, when coming back from bingo, I found out that Hubby and Jelly had made an oatmeal apple crumble dessert.  They had saved me a piece, but I was on temptation #1...so I declined.  The next morning, it was still there... and I declined again.  Right now, it's still sitting there... because I had a donut that afternoon.  Yesterday, Butter asked about breakfast at McDonalds.. I said no.  Then, they wanted to grab a sweet treat at a gas station that afternoon.  They got one, I did not.  Then, last night I went for a Sonic Shake cause I was up to my #3 temptation.  The apple crumble dessert hasn't been touched, and just look at how much I had eaten had I not been doing what I'm doing.  I'm back at #1 again this morning, so we'll see what temptations come my way.

To be honest... I am feeling the void that summer school was filling.  Every morning, I get up with the need to do something that takes away the pangs of sadness I'm having about not having the summer school experience anymore.  I guess, it's a good thing.  I figure my days would be filled with sitting around the house, lazing in the pool, or napping had I not gotten the taste of excitement summer school gave me.  This summer is going to go very differently than I had originally planned, that's for sure.

To be honest... As much as I want to lose the weight as quickly as possible, I'm starting to have a different opinion about the way I want this all to play out.  I had success in the past by loading on the eating plans, the journaling, the exercise routines, and the constant measuring and tracking.  I did all of that while preaching that I wasn't on a "diet" and was on a life-long devoted change.  It was very overwhelming and time consuming, and I eventually gave up because I couldn't keep up with it all.  Now I'm moving towards the actual plan of making this a life-long devoted change.  I know that realistically I won't spend my entire life writing down everything I eat.  I know that I won't realistically spend my entire life following an exercise plan or program.  I know that I won't realistically spend my entire life counting every last calorie that enters my mouth.  But, if I do become enthralled with new activities and looking at each day as a new opportunity for fun and movement... I might just become addicted to making that my life.  If each day I'm mindful about what I'm eating, not restricting myself from ALL "food evils"... I might become addicted to a better eating routine rather than it feeling like a plan.  I don't know, but as long as I wake up every morning feeling the way I've been feeling... I think I might just be able to do it this time.

To be honest... I'm already getting the need to get up and move... so the weed eating is calling my name.  I better go and do it before it gets too warm... not that the weather would stop me.  Wow, it just doesn't even seem real that I'm the same girl I was just a few weeks ago.  Me.  Wanting to ditch my blog to go and sweat my behind off weed eating.  LOVE IT!!

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman


  1. Hi Joanna, it sounds like you are getting in some good activity. I know how hard yard work can be, even though I try to avoid it at every cost. That temptation trick seems to be working well for you. Not having every treat that presents itself is helping. Good luck with all the company, hope you have fun with the family.

    1. Thanks!! I know that there are probably some weight loss experts out there that would have a cow over my way of thinking.. But if I can cut down my sweet intake by 2/3rds that's a pretty good start in my opinion! ;)


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