Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Pool Gym, Maybe?


When I think of gyms... I think of heavy equipment, big intimidating machines, people huffing and grunting, and me figuring out which thing I can stand on and get a good view of the TVs.

When I think of a pool... I think of pool loungers, splash fights, and cooling down from the heat of the sun.

But, what if there was a way to combine the two?

No.  I don't mean throwing some heavy, big, intimidating machines - or people that like to huff and grunt - in to my pool.  I mean, why couldn't there be a way to make my pool in to more of a work-out space rather than just a place I go to relax and cool off?

On the 4th of July, when my family came over, my sister and Peanut spent some time hoisting their legs over the side of the pool and doing sit-ups.  I watched, completely intrigued, as the ideas started to manifest in my head.  

I hate sit-ups.  But, what if I was laying down in to the water and just lifting myself up out of the water?

Have you ever tried running through water?  I have.  And it's freakin' hard.  But... you don't get all hot and sweaty, because you're in the water.  Duh!

How about jumping jacks?  Or push-ups?  Or lunges?

That picture is a picture of my pool.  That's in my back yard.  Since starting my weight loss adventure again, I've used that pool to swim.  And lounge.  And work on my killer tan.  

I've gone for walks.  I've done hours of yard work.  I've played Frisbee football and kickball.  I've done other forms of exercise.  And then, when I'm finished I get in the pool just to cool off and relax.  

But, I'm missing out on so much potential right there in the yard.  The part of the yard that I enjoy spending time in the most.  

I've seen gyms advertise stuff like pool aerobics.... and now I'm super intrigued.  I want to do water aerobics!  But I don't want to go to a gym.  And I don't need to.  I have the pool... I just need the aerobics part.  

So, that's my mission for today.  To research and prepare for water aerobics.  And water exercises.  Oh, and why not water yoga?

I keep saying that I want to find new exercise that I enjoy...who wouldn't enjoy working their buns off in a pool?  Way less pressure on my knees and joints.  Way less sweat.  And I'm pretty sure that water exercise still counts as a calorie burner.  It has to.  Otherwise fancy gyms wouldn't have a pool for stuff like that in the first place.  

And I'm not saying that my pool exercising will replace any of my other exercising.  I have to keep my walks... they are my key to getting back in to running, and giving myself some peace and quiet each day.  

It's funny how my most favorite exercises are, in fact, more stress relievers than they are weight loss tools.  But, I suppose that's a good thing... right?  If I'm considering my exercise as enjoyment rather than chores - there's so much more hope that I'll stick with them.  

That's the plan.

Now time to put it in motion.

Till next time...

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman


  1. My favorite exercise class is actually Aqua Zumba. I have yet to feel the (land) Zumba love, but I adore Aqua Zumba!

    I have done a bit of water running and, you're right, it is hard!

    1. Hmmm.. Water Zumb, huh? Definitely something I'm going to look in to!! Thanks for the comment!!


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