Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Here we are at another Wednesday.  Time sure does fly by when you're having fun.  I can't believe I only have 3 days left of summer's gone by so fast!  

It has been a really hard transition from frisbee football to kickball.  The kids just don't have their hearts in playing kickball, and I have heard nothing but sad comments about how much they miss their beloved frisbee game.  

I've still managed to work up quite a sweat playing our games of kickball, but my body just doesn't ache like it did last week.  I'm not working near as many muscles just kicking a ball and running the bases... or standing around waiting for a ball to come my way if I'm playing the outfield.  Blocking giant children, running up and down a make shift football field, and dragging kids around that are trying to tackle me is what got me that wonderful achey sensation that is no longer there.

I was a little sore yesterday... but from the tenderness of my shoulders that received just a little too much sun.  

Today is weigh-in day.  

I started off two weeks ago weighing 260lbs.  Last week, I gained 0.2lbs pushing me up to 260.2lbs.  

This week?

I am 258.8lbs.  

A loss of 1.4lbs from last week, 1.2lbs in total.

Not really sure how I feel about that.  I mean, OK, I lost.  But one pound?  Not really much to be celebrating... is it?

I think my scale may need new batteries.  No.  I'm not kidding...or making excuses.  I just know that when I stood on it this morning, and then moved it 6" across the floor - I got two different weights.  And I weighed on a ceramic tiled floor - so it wasn't a shifting of the floor causing it.  It's also been freezing up on me.  I went with the weight I got, because it was from the same place on the floor that I weighed last week.  I only tried it somewhere else because I just couldn't believe the number.  The other weight was a pound difference...not a huge difference, but I'm going to stick with the number for today because I feel like it's probably the most accurate.

I don't think that's the reason I only lost one pound... I'm just saying that my weigh-in was a little fluctuated because of it.  

While I am a little disheartened, I also remember that this happened to me during bootcamp.  I only lost 5lbs the entire 4 weeks of bootcamp... even though, three nights a week I was getting a work-out from Hades.  I was also on a very strict 2:1 protein/carb diet that I had to follow to a T in order to not have to do crazy amounts of extra push-ups at my sessions.  

I remember saying to one of my trainers that something was wrong with me... because what woman my size can go through that much torture and agony and only lose 5lbs?

I was surprised when I didn't get the whole "your body is turning fat in to muscle" speech I had heard from so many others.  My trainers just told me that I was putting my body in to shock.  It wasn't used to the activity after being dormant for so long.  It was gaining strength and endurance... but it would probably hold on to the weight (water weight mostly) until it got used to such a drastic change.

And they were right.  A few weeks after boot camp, and kicking my running in to high gear, I started dropping enormous amounts of weight.  

Not only that, but after 4 weeks of boot camp and only 5lbs lost, I did lose several inches from my starting measurements.  

I can only hope and pray that something like that is happening now.  

Because I've gone from doing absolutely no exercise for months and months (almost a year) to spending a couple of hours EVERY day working-out... maybe I have put my body in to shock.

Maybe it's going to take a little while for my body to start getting used to being active again..before I start seeing some results on the scale.

That's all I can think of right now.  Because I know I've gone through spouts where I just cut something out of my diet for a week (like carbs) and did no exercise at all and lost 5lbs in a week.  Surely, it's not possible to be doing this much exercise AND eating better and hardly lose anything...unless there is a valid reason.

I guess we'll have to see as the weeks continue to pass by.

Right now, though?  I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing...and hoping for the best.

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman

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  1. Steady as she goes! It's a lifestyle, right?


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