Sunday, June 16, 2013

Working Up a Sweat... Family Fun Style...

Well, yesterday was a nice and sweaty day.  No, I didn't go for a long walk.  No, I didn't get in the pool and swim.  No, I didn't go to a gym or do any other exercise equipment.

I went and worked up a sweat playing miniature golf.

Don't laugh.  I'm serious.

In 90+ degree weather, playing on a course that's on a doesn't take much to work up a little sweat.  Or a lot of sweat in my case.  

OK, so there wasn't any real athletic movement involved.  Swinging a club a few times at each of the 18 holes just doesn't count.  There's not really that much walking involved.  Taking a few steps to the next hole, and then a few steps as the ball moves closer to the hole doesn't count.

But, just standing there, in the direct sunlight...and the sweat was absolutely pouring off of me.

And it was so much fun.

Here's my little Jelly jumping for joy that she got the ball in the hole...

Here's my Hubby...with Jelly watching for techniques..HA!

Here's Butter making his shot for par.

And here's me..doing my thing.

It was such a fun afternoon, and completely unexpected to the kids.  

But, it's the kind of stuff I want to be doing with my kids this summer.  Being outside, or maybe inside, enjoying family activities together.  

I made a realization about myself yesterday.  

Even though I feel like I've lost so much of the progress I made a few years ago, I realized that there's one thing I haven't lost.

The ability to be on my feet for more than a few minutes before I have to sit down and rest.  Especially out in the heat of a summer's day.

Three years ago, I'd have had to sit down between each hole and catch my breath.  Then again, I do spend each and every week day mostly on my feet while I'm at school.  

It's become a routine, a norm...and something I just couldn't do three years ago.

It goes to show that if you continue to do something, it never leaves you.  

I know it's not much to be proud of.  Whoopie, I can stand for more than a few minutes and walk for a few minutes without feeling winded or tired.  

Not exactly prize earning.

But, it's important to me to be able to do fun activities with my kids.  Fun, on my feet...and even more... activities with my kids.

The only way to do that is to get my butt in gear and start moving more.

Today, I'm GOING to spend a couple of hours in the pool.  Exercising.  And having fun with my kids.  It's going to become a routine.  I'm going to make it happen.

Which I better do right now.

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman

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