Tuesday, June 25, 2013

True Confessions Tuesday

It's time to dust off an oldie but a goody.  That would be my weekly Confessions.  A day where I let out a few secrets I may be hiding about my weight loss efforts... both good and bad.

I confess... I played my first afternoon of kickball yesterday afternoon.  The kids had a good time.  I had a good time.  It's not near as exhausting as frisbee football was, but I worked up a good sweat.  Especially running those bases

I confess... I was a little surprised yesterday when a student asked me if I wanted her to run the bases for me.  When I asked her if she didn't think I could do it - she just gave me an uncomfortable look that basically told me she did not think I could run my fat behind all the way around all four bases.  Luckily, the other kids on my team had more faith in me...and told her to "just watch".  I then proceeded to kick the ball and run my happy behind around for a home run.  HA!

I confess... This past week I have done MUCH better with my eating both at home and at school.  I haven't had huge portions, and have asked to only be given as much as the kids get.  Not sure what kind of effect that will have on the scale this week, but hopefully it helps.

I confess... I have had one weakness this week.  Gummy Bears.  I bought a bag of them at Sam's a couple of weeks ago, and each night I've been having a handful (or two).  I know they are not good for me...and I know I shouldn't be eating them.  But, I have been.  Not huge amounts, but it has been pretty much every night.  A serving of 15 Gummy Bears is 160 calories.  I have tried to keep my eating to that many or fewer.  

I confess...I looked in to the possibility of doing a boot camp for July.  Unfortunately, there isn't another boot camp starting until September.  Which isn't surprising, being that they have to be concerned with stuff like heat exhaustion.  

I confess... I am still really nervous about exercise excitement once summer school is over.  I had a comment yesterday stating that if I couldn't find a team sport to participate in, then I could just focus on being a thinner, fitter teacher for August once I could get back to playing games with my students.  Definitely something to think about.  It could be my own version of Biggest Loser, that I have one month to lose as much weight as possible, so that I could have my "big reveal" once school starts up again.

I confess... My new haircut is awesome, and helps me feel much cooler after running around.  But, it also doesn't look very flattering after 3 hours of playing kickball.  When I left the school yesterday afternoon, my head resembled a dirty old mop that had just washed the floors. Wet.  All over the place.  SO messy!

I confess...I was a little sad when I found out that I only get to play kickball up until Wednesday.  Thursday afternoon there is going to be a talent show, and Friday there is going to be a dance.  Both will be fun, I'm sure... but it won't allow me any more fun in the sun with my kiddos.  Friday afternoon, though, I'm totally going to "drop it like it's hot" at the dance.  

And that's about all I got this week.  

Not too bad.

Till next time!

a/k/a Mad, Fat Woman


  1. What about those kick-ass DVDs you used to talk about???

    1. You know, I didn't even think about them. I know I brought them with me when we moved... just got to figure out where they were put. Not only that, but I bought an MMA training work-out game for my PS3 Move that I haven't even opened yet. HA!


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