Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Obstacle of Eating on the Go

Yesterday, I wrote a post that was basically filled with rainbows and sunshine.  A positive post about getting a handle on what I'm doing, and looking at what I'm doing (finally) as a life long change instead of a plan to just lose weight.

And I felt really good after I posted it.

I was able to read through it and realize what the words meant.  I'm succeeding.  I'm losing weight.  I'm feeling positive about life in general, and that I can definitely keep the momentum going.

But one thing a person trying to lose weight knows is that it's not always rainbows and sunshine.  

There are always battles, struggles, days that make me think "why do I give a crap?"  But, I truly am realizing that those days are coming much less frequently.  The good days, by far, outweigh the bad ones.

In fact, sitting here right now at this very minute, there's only one area of my life that's causing me to struggle...and that would be eating on the go.

When school started, both Peanut and Butter decided they wanted to play sports.  Peanut plays volleyball and Butter plays football.  For the first couple of weeks, playing sports meant that they went to practice after school each and every night...and I would work in my classroom until they were finished.  We would then all drive home and eat dinner when we got there.

But with sports come games.

They started two weeks ago.  Peanut first, and then Butter kicked off his season last week.

With football, it's not too bad.  Butter has one game a week for six weeks.  Not a big deal.  But Peanut, on the other hand, has two to three games per week...and then throw in a football game and I'm on the road three to four nights a week.

When the games are at home, we can expect to get home between 8 and 9PM.  When the games are away?  Yeah, it's more closer to 10 or 11PM when we get home.  Much too late to wait and eat dinner.   Especially for little Jelly who ends up falling asleep on the drive home and is taken straight to bed when we get there.

Which means, on those game nights, we usually grab something to eat on the way.  

Peanut and Butter don't have to worry.  They get fed before their games.  Even though it's not a big meal, it's fitting for the fact that they will be running around.  Their dinners consist of a sandwich, some chips, and some fruit or a granola bar.  It's not a great deal, but at least they're not having to wait until 8PM to eat something.

Jelly and I, on the other hand, have to make rash decisions about where we're going to grab something quick to eat.  And then the struggle of eating on the go rears it's ugly head.

The ideal option would be to pack dinner to go with us.  When I'm making my lunch in the morning, I could easily prepare extra sandwiches to take with us to the games.  However, that hasn't been the case so far.  Instead, I've opted for stopping at a fast food place to pick something up.  Fast food is NEVER the best option.

Two out of the three nights I've been gone to games so far, I've eaten junk.  One night we went to a Chinese restaurant after the game, the other Jelly and I grabbed a burger and fries on the way.  The first game, I actually bought Jelly something to eat and opted on waiting until I got home to eat anything.

This upcoming week, I have three games...once again.  Tomorrow night, Tuesday night, and Thursday night I'll be traveling to games.  And I'm sitting here telling myself that I MUST prepare ahead of time.  Eating on the go is NO excuse for eating junk.  

Today just happens to be grocery shopping day, so I'm trying to rack my brain for ideas.  Being that I take a sandwich for lunch most days, I'll admit that the thought of eating sandwiches for lunch AND dinner three days isn't that appealing.  But, I also won't have the ability to cook anything either.  Thursday is the only night that I'll have a little time before having to rush off straight after school, and could possibly take something with me to throw in the microwave at school before we have to go.

But, I really can't think of alternative options.  

I feel like I'm stuck in this rut that I either just suck it up and eat sandwiches twice a day three days this week, or just wait until I get home to eat anything.  Then, I'm stuck with eating late at night...and that's not really the best idea either.

And those restricted feelings are usually what end up pushing me in to just grabbing food from the closest fast-food place.


Before I head out for my grocery excursion, I'm going to try and research some ideas for cold meals.  Something I can maybe make ahead of time to take with me.  Stuff that's convenient, healthy, and satisfying.  If you guys have any ideas...I'd love to hear them.

Right now, though, I need to get to getting.  I've got to go and pick up Peanut and Butter from Oklahoma this afternoon, AND I've been volunteered to cook dinner it's going to be a busy day.

That doesn't even include the cleaning I really need to get done today.

Gotta love Sundays, right?

Till next time!

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  1. Perhaps prepare meals that can be eaten cold or at room temperature such as spaghetti or a hearty salad. Then pack these in containers, buy some dole fruit cups, and throw in a cooler bag for the nights you travel. This will help avoid just sandwiches or yogurt.

  2. What we have done a lot is have a "prep" day of the week and make somethings before hand, like baked or grilled chicken and stir-fry vegetables. You make enough to make a few meals of it for the week ahead and put it in the fridge. Have stuff prepped and ready to grab is a huge time saver and makes it less likely to eat something "bad". Another option is a protein shake for on the go with some fruit or cut up veggies. Good luck!

  3. Oh and crockpots can be your best friend.

  4. Salads in mason jars is the answer! Lettuce on top. Veggies of your choice on bottom. Can put dressing on bottom. Or carry in a little plastic container and then add. They keep in the fridge for days and days when lettuce is on top!

  5. Rachel beat me to it - but on either Thurs (my day off) or over the weekend I have a big cook-off, making staples like taco meat or grilled chicken that can be packed in lunches or otherwise reheated for quick-"er" meals during the week...
    I got a lot of hints from my Paleo "Well Fed" cookbook; recently picked up another cookbook off clearance rack that seemed to have a lot of "on the go" ideas but haven't had a chance to go through it yet (I'll let you know)...

  6. Thanks for all the great ideas!! I bought some stuff today to make a couple of salads...and I also bought stuff to make some sandwiches for dinner and plan on packing something I can heat up for lunch. That way I'm basically eating my dinner at lunch time and my lunch for dinner. Make sense? I figure that way, the sandwiches won't get so boring. I bought sub rolls for a more hearty sandwich on the nights I will be eating light for lunch. I think I'll get the hang of it...just needs some practice. LOL


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