Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning!

I could not believe it, this morning, when I walked out on to my patio....and got a rush of coldness that hit me in the face.

What is this?

The sun is up, and I'm not being attacked with heat when walking out the door.  Is that actually a chill to the air that's hitting my nose?  Why, yes...yes it is!!

The temperature at the moment is 54 degrees...and it's 8:30AM.  The temperature hasn't been 54 degrees at 4:30 this past week when I've been getting up.  It's been so hot and muggy, in fact, that I've been settling for having my coffee in the pool room... because even though it's a part of the patio, it has screens and a ceiling fan.

This morning, I am right on the patio.  Basking in the cold air that's blowing across my bare legs and arms (I'm in shorts and a t-shirt).  

And the first thing I thought when coming out here?  It's a day for a walk.  A long walk.  Possibly a walk that involves some running.  I can't just sit around when there's such beautiful weather going on.  I don't even care that my nose is running like a faucet from my allergies.  Allergies are somewhat more tolerable when there's a chill in the air.

Due to my very busy schedule this past week, and feeling like I didn't have a single minute to just breath before I was dashing off doing something... I need a day where I can let out all of my stress, and get my focus back.  Walking is my outlet for that.  It calms me.  Clears my head.  Recharges my batteries and gets me prepared for doing it all over again the following week.

Blogging does that, too...but there's still nothing better than pounding some pavement with music in my ears.  It's almost like I get morphed in to my own little world.  A world with no worries, no stress, no demands.  I'm free to be me.  And even though my trip there only lasts a couple of's long enough to eliminate everything I took in there with me....and to leave it all behind.

I remember back to a couple of years ago when I first started running.  I weighed about as much as I do now.  I remember thinking that there was no way my behind could run.  It had only been a few months since I was able to walk longer than 15 minutes at a time...and I was up to walking about 45 minutes.  One day, I just decided to give it ago.  OK, so I only ran for a few moments...but the exhilaration it gave me was indescribable.

I may have packed on the pounds, again, but I didn't lose all of my stamina.  I can walk for miles at a time now...and it feels good.  But I also know that being that I'm able to walk for 4 miles and barely feel anything... I could be running.  I have it in me.  

OK, so I know I'm not going to be able to run 3 miles like I could the last time I ran.  But, I could probably run for a few minutes...maybe interval run for a couple of miles.  Enough to work up a decent sweat and get my heart racing.  And, possibly kick in that runners high that I haven't felt in so long. 

Yesterday, I put on the one and only pair of jeans that I own.  The last time I put them on was the last week of school, in May.  I had to lay down on my bed and wiggle and jiggle until I could get them buttoned.  When I stood up, I felt like I was being cut in half across my waist.  All day long, I couldn't really sit down because the tightness of the jeans just cut in to my stomach causing major discomfort.

And yesterday, they went straight on.  No fighting.  No wiggling.  Just up and zipped...and I could even put a couple fingers in the belt line.  Comfy!  Not too tight.  Not uncomfortable.  And it felt amazing.

I've finally reached that point where I can feel the changes my body is making.  Those changes make me crave more.  Those changes ignite a fire inside of me that tells me it's time to take it to the next level.  To start dusting off that person who made it through two bootcamps, four 5Ks, and weekly 3 mile runs.  

It's time.

Walking is great exercise, and I enjoy walking.  But, I'm ready for a challenge.  I'm ready to beat my stress away rather than just soothe my stress away.  To feel like I've stood toe to toe to with my stress and kicked it's behind.  

That comes from running.  

It sounds funny, but I actually want to feel like I'm struggling, feel like I can't do it, feel beaten and broken because i'm only able to run for a few seconds....just to emerge as a Warrior Princess and make myself do more.

I'm a born fighter.  If there's no fight...I'm not winning anything.  And I want to be a winner.

So, now it is time to go.  To dust off those feelings that have been itching to be set free.

Today, I start my quest...once be a runner.

Till next time!

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