Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday


Oh yeah.  It's one of those weigh in days.  When I stand on the scale and then feel like cursing at it and throwing it out of the window.

For the most part, I know that the scale is pretty honest with me.  It's going to tell me like it is.  Yet, this morning, I know that it's lying.  It's not being honest with me.  Yet, it's not the scale's fault.

Smart one, here (that would be me), decided to not eat dinner until 11PM last night.  

Eating dinner that late is a no-no the night before a weigh in because I KNOW that it's going to skew my results the following morning.  That food laid in my stomach all night, and I've eaten enough late night dinners to know that by tomorrow...the scale will be back to where it's supposed to be.

It wasn't really my fault..eating that late.  I mean, I had planned on eating dinner when I got home from the football game.  But, previous games have ended by 8PM.  Which usually get me home before 9PM... still a little too late to eat, but an hour or two before I actually go to bed.  Last night, the game didn't get over until 9:30, putting me home until almost 11PM.  It was in the door, scarf my food and bed within 15 minutes.  

Last week, I weighed in at 247lbs, which was a slight gain from the previous week.  The week before, I had weighed in at 246.6lbs.

This week, I managed to lose the weight I gained and a little more.  I'm now down to 246lbs.  

Only a one pound loss from last week, and only 0.6lbs down from the previous week's weight before I gained.

Which is a real pain in the rear, because I REALLY wanted to be down to 245lbs this week so I could post my 20lbs lost progress pics.  

What makes matters worse is the fact that I saw that number this past weekend when I stood on the scale for a mid-week check in.  To see that number then got me all excited, but I tried to stay cool... because I always make sure to go with what the scale says on Wednesday as my "official" weigh in.  

And now, because I was stupid and ate so late last night, it's going to be another week before I can see that number.  

I have my doctor's appointment this afternoon.  It's going to be a tough stretch to get that number down to where I want it by then.  Especially since the appointment is at 4PM in the afternoon.  

It's going to be a tough pill to swallow walking in to that doctor's office losing less than 10lbs since my last appointment.  I've only lost 6lbs since my last appointment... a month ago.  Not exactly the best success in the world.  I'm hoping it's good enough for the doctor to keep giving me my medicine.

I am just very thankful that this is the last week that my life will be so darned hectic.  The volleyball season ends on Monday of next week.  Then that's it.  I just have two more football games after that, and I'll be home free.  Back to getting home at a reasonable hour each night.  Back to planning meals, and staying focused on my weight loss rather than how much sleep I'm going to fit in.  

These past couple of weeks may have been slow moving, but I'll get momentum back.  Being gone four nights a week and at least one day on the weekend for sports has taken it's toll on me.  I've made it through, but it's wore me down.  

I actually can't wait for the days when I can go back to spending an hour or so in my classroom doing stuff and then heading on home for some rest and relaxation.  

Until then, though, I'll take whatever loss I can get and run with it.  This last month may not have been the most successful, and not near as good as my first month, but I'll keep my chin up and keep pounding the weight away.  

Slow progress is better than no progress.

That's the way I'm going to look at it.

But, right now, I need to run.

Till next time!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean by the scale being a liar. I don't know why, but I tend to eat stuff with salt in it the night before I weigh-in. When this happens...I can actually have a five or six pound gain! :-(

  2. Babe....stop saying "only" 6 pounds. Pick up a bag of flour or apples or is major and you should be very proud.


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