Monday, October 21, 2013

That's One Way to Kick Off a Good Week!

Yesterday, I got hit with the 24 hour stomach bug that has plagued my house this week.  

First, Jelly had it on Wednesday.  She got sent home from school, and had to stay off Thursday because there's a 24 hour no throw up rule before returning back to school.  Then, Butter had it.  On Thursday.  And again on Saturday... but, I think his was medicine related.  The second time around.  He took a pain pill on an empty stomach, and it made him throw up.  

Saturday, the kids and I went and saw P-Momma for a while.  When I got home, Hubby informed me that he'd spent most of the day throwing up.


Usually, I can get away with avoiding stuff like that.  Sickies can fleet around my family and I'm usually lucky enough to make it out unscathed.  Not this time around, however.  It hit me hard yesterday, and I spent the entire day either in bed or throwing up.  

Awesome.  Again.

The only stuff that went in to my body yesterday was water and a cup of Sprite.  Which neither lasted any amount of time before they were back out of my body.  

After a day of being sick and not eating anything, I was kinda hoping that the scale would show me that I dropped something crazy like 5lbs in a day.... but no such luck.  Stupid scale.  Apparently, starving myself and throwing up is NOT the way to go for losing weight.  Darn.

Today kicks off my Doctor's Orders month of no whining and no excuses. Starting today, I'm going back to basics.  1200 calories that are logged and calculated.  No slipping, no faltering, no "one little bite won't hurt me" mentality.  My plan is to really bring it home and lose a ton of weight.  So, when I walk back in to his office at the end of the month, I can show him that I really am determined and I can live by a no-excuse mentality.  

Being that fall has been in full force the past couple of days, I want to get out all the cute fall/winter clothes I have stored away that were a little too small for me last year.  That's my number one goal at this point.  I have no idea how much weight I need to lose in order for it to happen, but I know that this time last year there were several items of clothing I had to bypass because I could no longer fit them over my expanding behind.


My doctor also told me that he wants me walking for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week.  I told him that I wanted to start running again, but he asked me to hold off on that for a while.  Only because I have bad knees, and he's worried that too much impact may end up causing me knee problems... especially with the time of the year.  When it starts getting chilly outside, the joints in my knees start getting all funky on me.  He thinks that I should just focus on power walking for a while, and that I could probably start thinking about running when I'm down another 20lbs or so.  

Well, being that this week is a short week at work, I'm thinking that I'll start off my two days off by walking.  Today and tomorrow, I'll be at school until after 8PM due to parent teacher conferences, so there won't be time to walk either day.  Wednesday I will be spending some time in my classroom making sure that I don't have too much work to take home with me for fall break.  Then, Thursday and Friday I'm off I can spend some time thinking about exercising.  

It's definitely time.

One thing I really have to focus on this month is being regular with my pill.  Last month, I was very sporadic with taking it.  In fact, I haven't actually taken the pill in over a week.  A lot of it has to do with forgetting.  I am supposed to take the pill around 10AM, but I'm in the middle of teaching at that time.  I sometimes forget about it until after lunch, and then it's too late.  I'm thinking that this week, I'm going to try taking the pill at 8AM...before my kids come in to the classroom.  We'll see.

My doctor truly believes that if I take my pill every day, eat 1200 calories per day, and walk three times a week for at least 30 minutes, I have a HUGE potential of dropping some serious weight this month.  My first month, I lost 11lbs by doing hardly any exercise.  He thinks I could double that number if I add the regular exercise in to the routine.

How awesome would that be?  Twenty plus pounds in a month?  Is that even possible?

I've even thrown a little incentive in to the mix.  Not for me, however.  

Peanut has been begging me to let her get highlights in her hair.  I'm extremely opposed to the idea because I know how damaging hair color can be, and I think she's a little too young to start doing stuff like that.  

Especially since she straightens her hair quite a bit.  

But, I'm also not opposed to a little wheeling and dealing either.  I have made a pact with her that when I drop 60lbs...I'll let her highlight her hair.  For every pound I lose, that's $1 I'll spend on her hair...and I want it done professionally, so it will cost about $60.  That means, when I get down to 185lbs, she can get her hair done.

At first she wasn't very happy about it.  But, when she heard that I have the potential of losing that amount of weight in about 6 months, she was a little more open to it.  The alternative was her waiting until she is 16.  

Peanut's 14th birthday is in April, and I would LOVE to have lost the weight by then so that she can get her hair done for her birthday.  Plus, she graduates from 8th grade in the timing would be perfect.  That means I really have to buckle down and get this weight off in time.

I usually try and come up with some reward for myself... but I think it might be a little more motivational if I know that one of my kids gets something out of it.

In order to grant her wish, I have to lose 10lbs a month for the next 6 months.  Totally doable.  If I lose more than that, even better.

So, that's what's going on with me right now.  But it's time for me to go and get ready for work.

Till next time!!

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