Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekly Weigh-In


OK, so I've decided to go back to my Wednesday weigh-ins.  Just because, for some reason, it's easier for me to actually write two blogs on Wednesday morning than it is on Monday mornings, and because I prefer to have a mid-week weigh-in versus a start of the week weigh-in.  Changing my weigh-in day kinda skews the comparison I'll be making to my Weight Loss Challenge I'm doing at work, but oh well.

Last week, I weighed in at 250.6 at home and 255.8 at work.  

I hate the 5lbs difference.  That's a huge difference.  But, after doing a consensus with some of the other people I'm competing with at work, we've figured out that my scale is a lot more accurate and that pretty much everyone that's weighing in for the competition is seeing about a 3-5lbs jump at work versus their scales at home.

This week, I weighed in at 255lbs at work.  Down 0.8lbs.  Not great for a first week start, but not a gain.  The competition is all money driven.  Meaning there was a $10 entry fee, and for each partial or complete pound gained, there is a $1 fine.  I like the partial pound fine, because if someone gains 1.2 lbs, they have to cough up $2 to add to the pot.

Last week, we were told that the prize was starting at $110.  But, I know there's been a few people back out before paying the entry fee, so I'm not sure that the prize is really that much.  At the end of the day, though, I'm in it simply for the sweet victory and the better fitting pants.

This morning, on my scale at home, I weighed 249lbs.  That's down 1.6lbs from last week.  And that truly is from only being back at work and moving around every day versus sitting on the couch most of the day.  I haven't really "exercised" because the transition has been exhausting... and we spent last week testing which takes it's toll on me.  

I know, lame excuses.  

I'm sticking with my "no diet" mentality.  I've been making health conscious food choices, but it feels refreshing not being burdened with counting calories and writing everything down or eliminating certain foods.  I'm still eating protein and carbs and veggies and fruit.  And apparently, I'm doing something right because losing 1.6lbs in a week with no "diet" and only getting exercise from being back at work isn't too shabby.

It also helps me realize that if I can lose 1.6lbs from doing, well, nothing, then I think of what I can achieve when I do get out there and start jogging or throwing in some cardio some other way.  

The plans are being laid out to start an after-school fitness program at work.  The nurse, who is heading up the weight loss competition, wants to motivate the competitors as much as possible.  And that includes putting together an after school work-out session.  She thinks maybe Zumba, or stations, or something along those lines.  I'm all for it.  I'm one that never usually makes it out of work before 5PM anyways, so why not spend that time a couple evenings a week working out?

I enjoy group fitness.  I prefer to walk/jog alone, but I love when I'm doing other kinds of exercise with other people.  It keeps me motivated to give it my all, so I don't come off as weak.  It may be a weird way of looking at it, but it works for me.

Well, that's it for me today.  I'm sorry that I don't write very often, here.  I promise I'll try and get better.

Have a great Wednesday!

Till next time...

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  1. My scale at home and the WW scale never were in sync - no worries, a loss is a loss in my book!

    And I agree that you have to get the word "diet' out of your vocabulary when losing weight. For me, if I told myself "you can't have pizza or wine until you lose 10 pounds" well guess what? All I fixated on was that I couldn't have pizza or wine, and when I did fold and have it I would usually say "f_ck it" - I have no will power so now I'll eat like crap.

    Well, nothing is off limits to me. And I find that I can have a donut that someone brought to work, but decided not to have it because I am in control of the food, not the food controlling me. Hope that make sense?!

  2. Losses on both scales - that's a win!

  3. Keep up your good work. I was wondering how much fruits and veggies you were eating. Increasing the amount you eat should help with a greater weight loss.

  4. I read your other blog, too, but was wondering if you were going to update this one? I find myself curious about this part of your life too! (I'm a crazy blog reader, I love reading blogs and get wrapped up in them!!)


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