Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ready for Some Progress Pics??

Well, this post has taken a lot longer to write than I had originally intended.  The plan was to post updated progress pics after every 20lbs lost.  The first 20lbs was supposed to be gone about a month ago... but I just managed to break through the barrier last week.  So, it's time to get those progress pictures, right?

Back in July, when I decided to get back on the weight loss wagon, I weighed 265lbs.  The plan was to lose 20lbs in two months.. but it was slow moving in the beginning.  I finally decided to ask my doctor for some help, and in August, I was given weight loss pills.

The first month, I dropped an amazing 11lbs. Going from 265lbs down to 254lbs. I was so happy with that.  Eleven pounds in a month was awesome...and I figured that month two would be just as successful.  Not so much.  The second month I only dropped a couple of pounds.  I went down from 254lbs to 249lbs.  Still leaving me with four more pounds until that 20lbs lost mark.  

This past week, I finally broke through the barrier, and weighed in at 243.8lbs.  Putting me at a loss of 21.2lbs since August.  

Here is a pic of me in July...weighing 265lbs.

And here is a pic of me, taken last Wednesday, weighing 243.8lbs

The only way to tell the difference, right off the bat, is because of the phone.  I really wish I hadn't blocked my face in the first picture.  But, upon a more thorough check, it does appear that my waist line looks a little smaller.  Sure, there are still bumps and rolls that I'm not happy about, but they look to be quite a bit smaller than in the first picture.

Here's another picture of me when I was at 265lbs...the side view...

And that same pose at 243.8lbs...

Again, not a HUGE difference...but definitely somewhat smaller than the first photo.  Especially in my rear area.  

I, honestly, thought that after losing 20lbs that the differences would be a lot more apparent.  A significant difference.  But, as I'm seeing, that's not so much the case.  Surely, after this next 20lbs is gone, there will be no doubt in the obvious changes between those pictures and my beginning pictures.  

It's a little disheartening to know that I've lost 20lbs and don't really have that much to "show" for it... but it does reinforce how much I really have to lose, which motivates me to keep going.  I'm really pumped to get rid of this next 20lbs because I really want to see the noticeable changes in my body.  I want to look at progress pictures and realize how many changes 40lbs lost can do.

The first 20lbs took me way too long.  I was on track to lose 20lbs in two months, and slipped off the rails a little.  I'm not going to let that happen again.  While I'm not setting any deadlines or goals or timelines, I am focused on seeing the scale go down each week.  

The only way I can do that is to continue doing what I'm doing.  Watching my portions, taking my pills, and making myself exercise as often as I can.  

Despite how long it took, I am proud that I have lost 20lbs.  Sure, I have an extremely long way to go.. but 20lbs is still a significant amount of weight.  Think of two 10lbs pounds of potatoes.  Lifting one of those things is hard enough, but to know that I have lost the equivalent to two of those is quite extraordinary.  

And something to be very happy about.

I've decided that as long as the scale is moving in the right direction, I'm happy.  I know that I have the ability to lose the weight.  I know that I have the willpower.  I will just keep doing what I'm doing...and I'll eventually get to where I need to be.

That's if for me....

Till next time!

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday


It's going to be a quick post today.  I have to hurry because I'm dealing with a water leak under our house, and I have to go take a shower pretty soon that will require in and out as soon as possible as to not waste anymore water than necessary.

It's been a pretty stressful week, and that is apparent in my weight today.

Last week, I weighed 244.8lbs.

This week, I weigh 243.8lbs.

I've lost a pound this past week.  A loss is a loss, but it's not exactly much to write home about.  

And do you really want me to write the same old stuff?  

I've decided that as long as the scale is moving in the right direction, I won't beat myself up too much. I know I could be doing a lot more, but the small efforts I am making are having some impact...and that's better than nothing.

I know some people will translate that last paragraph in to me starting to give up.  That's NOT true.  I'm just tired of being so negative about my weight loss.  I know what work has to be done, and if I'm not doing the work I have no one else to blame but myself.

I'm pretty stressed out right now, and if I can still make it through that stress by watching what I eat, and managing to lose a little weight... I can be OK with that.

I am very happy that I made it through Halloween without going crazy on candy.  That's a victory.  There is and has been candy in my house since Halloween.  I'm not going to say I haven't eaten any of it, but what I have eaten has been a small piece here and there.  Far from overdoing it.  

I have been packing my lunch each day, and I've been on a soup thing for a little over a week.  I've been buying those low calorie, throw in a microwave and eat kind.  They aren't the most healthy option in the world, but they don't hurt my calorie intake, they fill me up, and I love the variety of flavors that I can choose from.  There aren't any more calories in a bowl of that soup than there is in a sandwich.  So, I figure it's not that bad of a choice.

All in all, I'm just happy that there is some weight loss.  

And, now I need to go and hurry and take a shower.

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